Creating your account is easy, fast and free

  • Use your existing google and microsoft accounts to sign up or use your personal email
  • Upon signing up you get a free workspace (My Space)
  • Scale up and add more users and storage to your workspaces as you go

Customize our flexible workspace structure to fit your specific needs

  • Create a workspaces for clients, departments and programs
  • Create stations inside the workspace for projects or operational tasks as required
  • Create documentation repositories inside the workspace to prevent information loss
  • Create custom lists for your data, add powerful calculated attributes and link lists for structural hierarchy and lookups

Invite your team members and clients to collaborate

  • Invite collaborators at the workspace level and project level
  • Give collaborators the right access privileges that suit their roles
  • Give executives access to dashboards and reports
  • Discuss and add comments on tasks, documents and reports

Manage tasks with ease from anywhere

  • Assign tasks to your team members and distribute workload
  • Monitor critical tasks and records and get notified when changes take place
  • Use your PC, laptop and mobile to add, edit and archive your tasks and records

Smart views for every use case

Mohimmatech offers the ability to add and customize views like Grid, Kanban, Calendar and Gantt charts to improve visibility.

Manage your records in a grid view like normal spreadsheets

  • Edit records in-line
  • Use dropdowns and add more columns
  • Filter and sort records
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